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Available ~ Holden aka Teddy
This handsome golden stunner is Holden! Holden is a male 2-3 year old golden/yellow lab mix, who currently weighs about 50 lbs.

Lots of fun lab here! Holden is a big goofy bear who loves being part of the action and loves attention. A happy, friendly fellow, he enjoys the company of other dogs. Holden is a strong, very steady walker, who will need a bit of leash work. His disposition is perfectly suited for kids, who can help keep him stimulated and dodge his playful romping around!

Holden is a very social, interactive lab, daily walks in the neighborhood or on the trails, or a home pre-stocked with another dog would be pure nirvana for this busy, kissy guy. He’s a smile maker, no doubt and a lot of fun to hang out with! However NO CATS please!

Holden is a big puppy! His look, his personality just screams cute puppy!

Holden is heartworm negative, microchipped, neutered, and up-to-date on his vaccines. He is scheduled to arrive in New England in mid November.

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Available ~ Greer
Beautiful Greer, with the soulful eyes, is a Black Lab/Hound/Great Dane mix. She is estimated by the vet to be between 2-3 years old and she currently weighs 60 lbs. Greer is a tall girl and her weight when rescued is way too thin for her frame (she will probably be more in the 80 lb+ range when at a healthy weight.)

Greer was most likely dumped in a rural section of SC, and wandered up to a home in the area. Despite being full of milk, and a few searches of the area, Greer’s puppies were not with her, and she made no attempt to lead anyone to puppies. We suspect the puppies were probably kept to be sold, and Greer was dumped. This beautiful girl deserved way better then that, and NELR stepped in to help her (with a wonderful network of special people who played a huge role in the start of her journey with us.)

Greer is house-trained and crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night. She is a very very sweet, gentle girl, who does very well with her foster’s young 5 year old son. Greer is also completely dog friendly, but cat friendliness has not been tested. Greer is low to medium energy at the present time, and loves to snooze on the sofa both with humans and the other dogs in her foster home.

Sadly, Greer is heartworm positive and will be treated for that before she is able to come up to New England. Greer will be spayed, up-to-date on all her vaccines and microchipped. At the present time, Greer does have some hair loss in spots, but she has tested negative for mange and ringworm. The vet has her on two different antibiotics, and now with being fed properly, we expect her fur loss to resolve fairly quickly.

We expect Greer to arrive in New England in early November .

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Available ~ Lucy
Please meet Lucy! Lucy is a beautiful lab mix who is almost 2 years old. Lucy is just loved by everyone! She is a sweet girl who will do best in a mature home with children older than 12 years old. Lucy is very smart and would benefit from going to training classes.

Look at that happy face and bright eyes, she is a sweetie! Lucy absolutely adores humans, and aims to please. This little sweetie would do best as the only pet in the home. She does okay with other larger sized dogs, but prefers that they not invade her space!

Lucy is house-trained, LOVES to be petted, & is very generous with kisses. She is also on the small mini lab side, so if you want a smaller lab, think about adopting this sweetie.

Lucy is spayed and up-to-date on all her vaccines.

If you are interested in welcoming Lucy into your family, please apply to adopt at the link below:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Oakley
Meet Oakley! Oakley is a stunning male lab mix about 1-2 years old. He is still very puppy-ish and is seeking an active family to take him on adventures to satisfy his need for exercise. Oakley would do best in a home with children over the age of 12, and where he is the only pet. He is a very smart boy, who would love a family to show him the basics, with lots of patience and guidance.

Oakley is a very happy go lucky guy, with a tail that is constantly wagging! He absolutely loves playing ball and would love a human friend to engage in this activity with!

Oakley is neutered, heartworm negative, up-to-date on his vaccines, and microchipped. He is currently in New England and available for meet & greets with pre-approved adopters.

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Available ~ Baylee
Baylee is a beautiful lab/shepherd/? mix who is about a year old and weighs 56 lbs. Bailey was rescued from a NC shelter on 7/25/14, and gave birth to 9 puppies not even 12 hours later on 7/26/14 (she actually had 12 puppies total, but 3 were stillborn.) Baylee is just a pup herself, but she was a good Mom to her pups, and as they got older, she was very playful with them. Her puppies are all either now adopted or awaiting adoption up in New England. Sadly Baylee is heartworm positive, so she stayed back in NC where she will receive treatment for her HW disease before heading North.

Since recovering from her pregnancy and spay, Baylee is quite agile and enjoys being active. She would be great for someone looking for a dog to train for agility or looking for a hiking partner. With her agility though comes the knowledge that she will jump right over shorter fences, so she will need a securely fenced yard (6 foot tall) to play in.

Baylee is very dog friendly and seems to be learning a lot from the other dogs in her foster home. She does seem to prefer dogs her own size, and would do best in a home with another friendly large sized dog. She is submissive to other dogs and is still learning how to play with them. Her foster Mom does feel that she is a little too interested/too active for the kitties though, so she is looking for a NO cats home.

Baylee is still somewhat timid, but gaining confidence every day; however younger children do make her nervous, so her ideal forever home will have no little ones. She does great with teenagers though and is in a foster home with two teens. No kids or kids 14+ would be ideal for her needs. Baylee is still very young and very puppyish, so an active person/family would be perfect…she needs her exercise!

Baylee is house-trained and crate-trained. She also enjoys car rides, but does become nervous when a big rig or loud motorcycle comes near the car.

Baylee absolutely loves to cuddle, and loves her chew toys. She seems to prefer women, but also loves her teenage human foster brother. Her foster Mom notes that she is terrified of men/boys wearing baseball caps or removing them…most likely from a bad past experience in her short life; but she is coming around with each and every passing day. She has made amazing strides with her confidence just in the time she has been with her foster family. She also had no training at all when she first arrived, she didn’t seem to know a single command, but she is also being taught these as well. She will also try to bolt out of doors early on, before she bonds with her human. Once she is bonded, she wants to be right by your side at all times.

Baylee is a sweet playful girl who can finally just enjoying being a dog and having fun. With a little more training, she will make someone a wonderful companion. She may have had a rough start during her first year of life, but she will know nothing but love from here on out.

Baylee is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccines, and will be completing her heartworm treatment before she heads to New England. Her arrival is still to be determined, but we estimate her arriving during the holidays.

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Available ~ Leah
Leah is a beautiful 2-3 year old chocolate lab mix, who was not treated with the love and kindness she deserved until now. Leah has been in our rescue since June and she has made amazing strides since arriving to her current foster family. They have worked with her so hard, and she is now ready to find that very special family of her very own! As her foster Mom said, she has gone from a very scared timid girl who was too afraid to even walk into the house, to a transformed absolute angel, who now loves hanging out on the sofa, wants her head in your lap whenever you sit down, and is eager to learn.

Despite Leah’s initial anxiety about being inside a home verses just being left outdoors alone and kenneled, she is fabulous in the home now! She went from a girl who would not go inside and had to be leashed to the foster’s dog to actually get her to follow him inside, then to being terrified of even passing through doorways in the home…to a girl who now hangs out on the couch, has never had an accident in the home from day one, never bothers anything she shouldn’t be touching, doesn’t chew, doesn’t counter surf, doesn’t get into trash, she is a very polite house guest in her current foster home!

Leah most likely spent her young life in an outdoor kennel, which our vet believes she constantly gnawed on. Due to that, her front teeth are completely ground down to the gum line and one canine tooth is broken off. She also has already had cherry eye surgery, but it did not take, and will need to be done again. Lastly, she has already been treated for her heartworm disease. Due to her heartworm treatment, she can not undergo further surgery on her eye and teeth until after January. We will discuss this future surgery need further, with potential applicants.

Leah has transformed from a girl in pretty rough physical condition, to a complete beauty. Her fur is now shiny and glossy looking, and she has gained the weight she needed (she weighs just under 60 lbs now.)

Leah is 100% dog friendly and it will be a requirement that she is adopted to a family with another calm dog. She adores people now, but a doggie buddy gives her more confidence. She is great with dogs of all sizes and ages. Leah is also completely cat friendly and shows zero interest in the kitties in her foster home. Lastly Leah has also been tested around kids from the ages of 3 to 16. We recommend a more quiet laid back home for her, with older kids, but if there are younger visitors from time to time, she did exceptionally well with a very active 3 year old boy who she cuddled right up to.

Leah is still “jumpy,” startles easily, and probably always will be. If you drop something, she will jump. If there is a sudden loud noise she will also jump. Leah has been wearing a thundershirt, which in her case, has helped tremendously…she is far more relaxed and just a happy girl now, who is learning that she will only be treated with kindness from here on out, will always have her meals each day, and is very treat motivated…she will work that “sit” for as many treats as she can get! No matter where she is in the house if she hears someone say “sit” (to another dog in the home,) Leah will come running to show her sitting skills :-)

Leah is just a sweatheart! Yes she will need to be given the time to bond to her new family, but once bonded to you, she will be your best friend for life!

Leah is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on all her vaccines, and has been heartworm treated. Her future medical needs will include dental surgery and another eye surgery for her cherry eye.

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Available ~ Dominique
Dominique is a beautiful 2 year old female black lab mix, who currently weighs approximately 61 lbs. Look at those ears, just adorable!

Dominique is an energetic, playful girl with long lean lines. She loves to run, and is a bouncy, happy girl who just loves people. She makes friends quickly and once she does, she will stick to your side like glue!

Dominique is a lab through and through. Very fun and friendly. She is dog friendly, but is initially more cautious in meeting other dogs. Once proper introductions have been made, she is happy to hang out with them. To date she has not been playful with other dogs, but completely fine with them, and prefers to sit back and take in all the action. However, Dominique is very playful with humans during 1:1 time with them. Dominique is beautiful, and has lots of love to share!

Dominique came into the shelter with Damon, who we believe is either her littermate, or they at least lived in the same home. They do not have to be adopted together.

Dominique is heartworm negative, spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on her yearly vaccines. She will be arriving in New England in mid November.

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Available ~ Reb
We’d like you to welcome Reb to NELR. Reb is a 2 1/2 year old 90 pound bundle of chocolate energy and fun. Reb has a lot of energy and will need a family that can keep him entertained and exercised. He enjoys nothing more then playing in the yard during the day and cuddling up to you on the couch and keeping you warm at night. Reb would do best with a family that has someone home a lot and he would love being the only dog in the house. He is great with other dogs but just really likes it best when his family can spend all their time loving on just him. He would do best in a home with a fenced in area, not electric, where he can run and literally fly through the air to chase his Kong. Reb’s absolute favorite toy is his red Kong and he will chase it all day. Reb has been known to jump a 4′ fence when left alone outside. He prefers to be with his family so it is best to not leave him unattended outside for long periods of time. He also loves long walks in the woods and car rides.

He has not been exposed to cats but due to his high prey drive for smaller animals he probably would not do well with cats. Also, because of Reb’s size, we would prefer a family without children under 10.

Reb is crate trained and he likes his crate. When he gets excited he will try to grab something, a large dog bed, a blanket, his toys, anything he can find and drag it into the crate with him even if it’s bigger than the crate. Many times you will just find him curled up in his blanket in his crate sleeping. He is very smart and learns quickly but does have a hard time remembering what he needs to do if he thinks he is going outside to play. He also still needs some leash work.

Reb is uptodate on all vaccines, neutered, HW- and micro chipped. Reb is a great pet and looking for his forever home to love him.

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Available ~ Tad
Tad is a very handsome blonde lab mix who is estimated to be between 8-12 months old. Poor Tad was certainly in need of some TLC over a month ago, when he first went to his foster home. He not only had Ringworm all over, but it was suspected that he had been bitten by a snake, just prior to his entrance into the shelter as a stray. He spent the last month in quarantine and has now recovered from both medical issues. His foster Mom states that he is just the sweetest boy, and was very well behaved during this quarantine period, even though he missed playing with his dog buddies. His foster Mom also reports that he is not a barker.

Tad is an active boy, who loves to play with his toys, and loves romping around with other dogs. He is very dog friendly, but cat friendliness is unknown at this time. Tad does have some food guarding issues though, and should be fed separately until this is worked on more. No children or kids over 14+ only.

Tad would love an active family who will provide him with exercise and playtime activities! He is a complete love and very friendly, but he is still young and will need his training to continue once he arrives to his new family. He is already crate trained and will go in his crate with the word “kennel.” He is also learning to sit, responds to his name, and comes when called.

Tad is heartworm negative, microchipped, and up-to-date on his vaccines. Tad is currently in New England.

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Available ~ Damon
Damon is a 2 year old gorgeous male black lab, who was surrendered to a shelter in SC with Dominque (also an NELR rescue.) Damon is a very playful, very friendly guy, who currently weighs 61 lbs.

Damon adores people and eagerly wants to play with them. He is dog friendly and happy to hang out with other dogs, but doesn’t seem to know how to join in yet, when the other dogs are playing…instead, he can be found leaning against the legs of or in the lap of a volunteer, taking in the action from the sidelines so far.

Damon has a lot of love to share, and with some further training, he is going to make a wonderful new family member for a lucky family!

Damon is heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on his vaccines. He will be arriving in New England in mid November.

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Available ~ Drew
Drew is a gorgeous male black lab mix puppy who was rescued from a shelter in SC with his brother Danny. Drew is estimated to be about 16 weeks old and he weighs 23 lbs as of 11/7.

Drew is a very happy, friendly, playful puppy, who takes the lead in investigating new situations. He enjoys cuddling, playing with toys & bones, and his tail is always wagging! Drew was very inquisitive at his vet appointment, checking out the entire office, and the whole staff fell in love with the brothers.

Drew is very good with other dogs and gets along well with his foster’s senior lab.

Drew will be up-to-date on his age appropriate vaccines and microchipped before heading to Maine in late November!

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Available ~ Danny
Danny is an adorable male black lab mix puppy who was rescued from a shelter in SC with his brother Drew. Danny is estimated to be about 16 weeks old and he weighs 26.4 lbs as of 11/7.

Danny is very sweet, friendly and playful, but he is a little more shy/timid then his brother right now. At this point he is content to hold back a bit and let his brother take the lead in investigating new situations at their foster home. However with each passing day, he is gaining more confidence! He was very inquisitive at his vet appointment and the whole staff fell in love with the brothers.

Danny is very good with other dogs and gets along well with his foster’s senior lab.

Danny will be up-to-date on his age appropriate vaccines and microchipped before heading to Maine in late November!

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Available ~ Sam
Sensational Sam is a one year old male lab mix, who weighs approximately 40 lbs. Sam has beautiful black fur, with white tipped toes, and a cute crest of white on his chest.

Sam is a phenomenal boy, who is completely house-trained, crate-trained and is working on learning basic commands (and excelling at it!) Sam is very very good with dogs of all sizes, and his favorite thing to do is play with the other dogs in his foster home. Sam is also very child friendly, and spends a lot of time with a five year old little boy. Unfortunately we do not know about cats at this time, as his foster home does not have cats.

Sam was an owner surrender at a very high kill shelter in TN. Owner surrenders are given very little time, and he was pulled just in the nick of time by his special angel in TN. The reason for surrender was listed as his past family was moving and they couldn’t take him with them, due to a no pets policy in their new place.

Sam is neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, and up-to-date on all his vaccines.

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Available ~ Winter
Winter is a beautiful 1 year old black lab mix. She currently weighs about 34 lbs, but is still too thin for her frame. Her foster family is working on increasing her weight, and she is eating well and enjoys her treats.

Winter’s new life begins now, but she was surrendered to the shelter so terrified and by a person who could not even be bothered to get out of the car (the shelter volunteers had to go out and carry Winter inside.) She was so scared that she was stiff with fear. Thankfully she only had to spend a short time at the shelter, as her wonderful foster family stepped up to foster her.

Although still timid and very wary of new situations, Winter’s foster describes her as a breeze to foster. In the last weeks they have gone from initially having to carry her outside to potty, to then propping the door open so she would go in & out, to now her going in and out completely on her own. She is potty/house trained and has not had any accidents in her foster home at all.

It took Winter a few days to warm up to her new surroundings, but once she did, she quickly discovered how comfy dog beds are, where the toy box was, and how delicious treats are! Her foster family does allow their dogs on the furniture, but Winter will only get up on the couch if she thinks no one is watching her. Winter is very mellow, but as she is becoming comfortable, her personality is showing more and more. She is getting a little more excited about things and wants to play with her foster family’s dogs (all girl dogs,) but isn’t quite sure how to initiate play yet. She is also working on “sit” and is learning the command both by voice and hand signal.

Winter is very comfortable in her foster’s yard, but so far, they are still working on trying to take her for walks. It is not so much that she is afraid of a leash, more that she is very afraid of leaving her comfort zone. With time and more work, this will change.

Winter is a dear sweet girl who so deserves a loving family that would never put her in the situation she found herself in again with her last “owner.” She will need a person or family committed to working with her to continue to gain her confidence back and allow her the time she will need to bond with you.

Winter is Heartworm Negative, and will be spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all her vaccines, before she heads up to New England at the end of November. Winter does have a callused bump on her chin which is not bothering her in any way, but the vet will be looking at it this week (11/19.)

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Available ~ Hercules
Hercules is a stunning chocolate boy, who is estimated to be about 2 years old. He has already gained some of the weight back which he needed, and he currently weighs 70 lbs. Hercules was found as a stray with Apollo, and no one ever came to reclaim the boys from the shelter.

Hercules (who also responds to “Herc” now,) has a wonderful and very sweet personality. He loves to play and will retrieve any toy or ball you toss for him. He has very expressive eyes, beautiful chocolate fur, a big blocky lab head, and he is extremely smart, and learns quickly.

Hercules loves people and will not only follow his humans everywhere, but he also watches everything they do! His foster Mom refers to him as the “Boss man” because she jokes that he seems to always make sure she is doing everything correctly, for example when she is doling out treats!

Hercules is dog friendly, not a barker, and is currently working on his leash skills and learning to keep his paws on the ground/not to jump up on people. His jumping up is being corrected, but he is such a lover, that his intent is to shower you with kisses when he does that! He has been very cat curious, not aggressive towards them, but a little too interested, so a no cats home would probably be best!

Hercules is neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on his vaccines, and has already undergone his heartworm treatment. He is scheduled to arrive in New England at the beginning of December.

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