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Available ~ Bella
Welcome to Bella. Bella is a small lab X weighing in at about 43 pounds. She is sweet and gets along with other dogs. She needs to be in a household with a nice couple and maybe one other dog. She is housebroken and about 2 years old. She is with a foster with 4 boy dogs, and is queen of the house as you can see! Please complete an adoption application for Bella today!

Adoption Application

Available ~ Onyx and Opal ~ A Bonded Pair
Meet Opal and Onyx! We are very happy to have this precious bonded pair, Opal and Onyx who are very sweet dogs! They are both medium sized with sleek shiny black
jackets and the most beautiful big chocolate eyes! Opal is very much a lady and is the calmer of the two. She has a royal look and moves very graciously. Her buddy, Onyx, just an athletic kind of guy that loves to run and play! They groom each other, sleep together and run tandem in the back yard! One goes nowhere without the other! . They adore their blankets! They sleep very close together as well. It’s very sweet to watch him clean her face and gently “talks” to her while he takes care of her “grooming needs.” Her face is always squeaky clean and she returns the favor! Clearly they do NOT like dirty faces! They are not so sure about kitties, but pay no attention to the other dogs. They crate and ride well together. Leash walking can use a little work. They are a wonderful sweet little pair! They have gained some much needed weight and we continue to strive for the perfect weight! They are up to date on all vaccines, flea control, and wormers. They were heart worm positive and got their treatment while residing with their Southern foster family. Opal and Onyx will be arriving in New England the beginning of March 2015.

If you think you could provide a loving home for these 2 beautiful dogs, please fill out an adoption application to make that happen:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Paisley
Meet Paisley! We got a big surprise and found out the Paisley was pregnant! She had two beautiful pups and is a very caring, gentle mother. This beautiful girl is about 10 months old and weighing in around 60lbs. Paisley is dog friendly, house/crate trained and we are told that she has a sweet personality, loves people and her tail is wagging all the time. Paisley is HW+ and will be receiving treatment before she arrives in New England in April. Paisley will be spayed and be up to date on all vaccinations when she arrives.

If you would like to give Paisley her forever home, please fill out an adoption application for her.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Alfie
Meet Alfie! Alfie is around 3 years old and he is a big boy weighing in at 70lbs even though is about 20lbs underweight. Alfie was rescued by one of our adoption coordinators from a very bad environment. She tells us that Alfie is really sweet and is starved for food, love and attention. This big guy has lots of energy because he has been tied up to a chain for a very long time. All he wants to do is stretch his legs and run! Since, Alfie is on the larger size and full of spunk, we are looking at applicants for Alfie that have older kids or no kids. Alfie is dog friendly and will be tested with cats. Alfie is crate/house trained, neutered, microchipped and will arrive in New England with all age appropriate shots the beginning of February.

If you can give Alfie the life and love he truly deserves, please fill out an adoption application which can be found here:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Champ
Sweet Champ has been released from his vet! Yippee! It is time to start the search for his forever home. His leg still needs dressing changes for the burn area but he is weight bearing on his paw and has started running and walking on it like he should! He has a clean bill of health. Champ is good with other dogs and likes cats. He is medium energy, house trained and crate trained but would prefer to be by you. He will be arriving in Maine this Saturday.

Please complete an adoption application if you are interested in adopting Champ.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Leah
Leah is a beautiful 2-3 year old chocolate lab mix, who was not treated with the love and kindness she deserved until now. Leah has been in our rescue since June and she has made amazing strides since arriving to her current foster family. They have worked with her so hard, and she is now ready to find that very special family of her very own!

Leah is still “jumpy,” startles easily, and probably always will be. If you drop something, she will jump. If there is a sudden loud noise she will also jump. Leah has been wearing a thundershirt, which in her case, has helped tremendously. She is far more relaxed and is learning that she will only be treated with kindness from here on out, will always have her meals each day, and is very treat motivated.

Leah has transformed from a girl in pretty rough physical condition, to a complete beauty. Her fur is now shiny and glossy looking, and she has gained the weight she needed. Leah needs to find a forever home where she is the only dog for you to dote on and also no children because Leah likes a quiet home.

Leah most likely spent her young life in an outdoor kennel, which our vet believes she constantly gnawed on. Due to that, her front teeth are completely ground down to the gum line and one canine tooth is broken off. She also has already had cherry eye surgery, but it did not take, and will need to be done again. Lastly, she has already been treated for her heartworm disease. Due to her heartworm treatment, she can’t undergo further surgery on her eye and teeth until after January. We will discuss this future surgery need further, with potential applicants.

Leah is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on all her vaccines, and has been heartworm treated. Her future medical needs will include dental surgery and another eye surgery for her cherry eye.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Boone
Meet Boone! Boone is a pure bred 14 months old pup who weighs about 75lbs. Boone is crate trained, house trained, loves all people and kids, not sure about cats, and is just stunning. Boone loves all dogs and is submissive. Boone was purchased in Maine but became displaced and NELR stepped up to save him! He would benefit from taking puppy classes and he loves to exercise and play. Boone needs TRAINING with the leash, but as long as you keep Boone behind you and not in front, he will walk at your side. Like with most Labs, Boone likes to drink lots of water, so that is something you must give, and then take up. Boone is neutered. Boone is up to date on all his shots too. Boone has also had extensive medical testing, which was all negative, and all of his paperwork and vetting are in order. He is one awesome loving sweetheart who will be wonderful with a family or couple who would like to invest their love in this wonderful boy. Boone would do best going to puppy classes and needs a strong Alpha person to give him directions.

Please fill out an application today.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Brady
Meet Brady! This distinguished gentleman has a bit of graying on his muzzle and is estimated to be around 5 years old and is under-weight at 75lbs. One word to describe Brady is awesome! He is super sweet and calm. He rides perfectly in a car, walks great on a leash, and he’s crate trained (but would rather be curled up at your feet). He’s housetrained and sits on command. Brady encountered his foster’s kitty and when they met they started kissing each other’s faces! Brady is very submissive, not a bit of Alpha in him, so we believe he will do really well with other dogs. Brady has been a little bit of a counter surfer but we think he is hungry and is not used to being feed regularly.

We just discovered that Brady is HW (+) and Lyme (+). This will delay his arrival to New England until the beginning on March 2015 so he can receive his treatment. Brady is be neutered, microchipped and will have all age appropriate shots when he arrives in New England.

If you can give Brady his forever home, please fill out an adoption application which can be found here.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Velvet
Meet Velvet! This stunning girl is between 1-2 years old and weighs around 55lbs.
Velvet’s foster mom tells NELR that “she has been a joy to have and she is going to
make some family very lucky!” She’s very smart, loves kids, and just an all-around sweet girl! Velvet is in her foster home at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine and ready to go to her forever home. She is HW-, spayed, microchipped and will be up to date on age appropriate shots. Velvet was recently evaluated with other dogs and she didn’t show much interest in them. She played well with other dogs but just loves being with people. ( This testing was done on Feb 15 and she passed. )

She is beyond precious and so sweet but might like to be “top dog” so we think she would do best as the only dog in a home. She loves to ride in the car and just loves all people.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Abbott
Meet Abbott! Look at those beautiful, soulful eyes and stunning brown coat! This gorgeous boy is 6 months old and weighs around 30lbs. Abbott is dog friendly, likes kids and is crate trained. He has not been tested with cats and is in the process of being house trained. Abbott is due to arrive in New England on 2/21/15, is HW negative, will be neutered, microchipped and up to date on age appropriate shots.

If you can give Abbott his forever home, please fill out an adoption application which can be found here:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Turbo
Meet Turbo! This handsome guy is 2 years old and weighs 50lbs. We are learning about Turbo and we will post more of his bio very soon!

Adoption Application

Available ~ Reaves
Meet Reaves! This handsome guy is between 1-2 years old and weighs 55lbs. We are learning about Reaves and we will post more of his bio very soon!

Adoption Application

Available ~ Topaz
Meet Topaz! Topaz is a very young mom weighing about 45lbs. Topaz is a just an all-around wonderful dog! She is a very gentle, patient, caring mother to her pups and is eager for attention herself. She likes all other dogs but is a bit unsure about cats at the moment. Topaz is in mommy mode most of the time but she will occasionally breakout in some playful puppy-like behavior. Topaz is in the process of learning the basics (sit, stay, drop it etc.) so she needs a family willing to commit to helping her blossom into the wonderful dog we know she will be! We believe Topaz was mistreated in the past and she is slowly learning to trust humans again. She’s a gentle soul that just needs a good, loving home to let her full personality and puppy come out!

If you can give Topaz the love and home that she deserves, please fill out an adoption application which can be found here:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Tate
Meet Tate! Tate is giant love who has quickly become the shelter favorite! Tate is 1 years old and weighs around 90 lbs. Tate has been working with the shelter on walking nicely on a leash and riding in a car so he is proving that is very trainable. Tate has absolutely no human aggression, has a nice disposition and is absolutely gorgeous! Since Tate is so physically strong we recommend that he goes to a forever home of an experienced adopter. Tate would highly benefit from obedience training and needs a family that is willing to make the commitment to Tate to help him become the amazing dog we know he can be. Tate is a strong alpha male when it comes to other male dogs and is not too fond of cats. Tate’s forever home will need to be a home that has no cats or other male dogs. Tate is currently being treated for Heartworm, is neutered, will have all age appropriate shots and is scheduled to arrive in New England mid to late February.

Update on Tate: Tate has come a very long way in a short period of time! In just a couple of weeks Tate has made a connection with Joe, who is at the shelter where Tate currently is, which is a really good thing. Tate encountered Joe’s big male bulldog through a chain linked fence and was interested in him but not aggressive. Tate still is a strong Alpha male and can’t be placed in a home with male dogs and/or cats. He also needs a physically strong adopter who is experienced training large dogs since he is up to 95 lbs now. With that being said Tate will not be able to find his forever home with a home with small children either. Tate was a very good car rider for our adoption coordinator Barbara and walked much better for her on the leash. He has a sweet disposition and is such a handsome guy! Tate should be ready to arrive in New England in the middle of February.

If Tate sounds like the right fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application and make him part of your home:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Luke
This is Luke – he is a 10-12 week old bundle of love who found himself on the 48 hour euthanasia list. We had a foster available at the beach so April and I pulled him. He is adorable. He currently weight 23 lbs. He received his first shots on 2/20 and will receive his 2nd set on 3/13. He will be ready to travel on 3/20.

We don’t have a lot of information on him but the foster will update me with traits and temperament and pictures. We do know he is people, children, dog and cat friendly and the foster is crate training him. He is a typically puppy! I am sure she is working on potty training too.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Stanley
We would like to introduce Stanley to the NELR dog team. Stanley is a male yellow lab who is approximately 1.5 years young. He is about 57 pounds is neutered, micro chipped and up to date on all vaccinations. Stanley is a happy boy and is dog friendly, we do not know about cats.

If you are interested in adding this young boy to your home please fill out an application today.
Adoption Application


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