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Available ~ Bella
Welcome to Bella. Bella is a small lab X weighing in at about 43 pounds. She is sweet and gets along with other dogs. She needs to be in a household with a nice couple and maybe one other dog. She is housebroken and about 2 years old. She is with a foster with 4 boy dogs, and is queen of the house as you can see! Please complete an adoption application for Bella today!

Adoption Application

Available ~ Alfie
Meet Alfie! Alfie is around 3 years old and he is a big boy weighing in at 70lbs even though is about 20lbs underweight. Alfie was rescued by one of our adoption coordinators from a very bad environment. She tells us that Alfie is really sweet and is starved for food, love and attention. This big guy has lots of energy because he has been tied up to a chain for a very long time. All he wants to do is stretch his legs and run! Since, Alfie is on the larger size and full of spunk, we are looking at applicants for Alfie that have older kids or no kids. Alfie is dog friendly and will be tested with cats. Alfie is crate/house trained, neutered, microchipped and will arrive in New England with all age appropriate shots the beginning of February.

If you can give Alfie the life and love he truly deserves, please fill out an adoption application which can be found here:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Leah
Leah is a beautiful 2-3 year old chocolate lab mix, who was not treated with the love and kindness she deserved until now. Leah has been in our rescue since June and she has made amazing strides since arriving to her current foster family. They have worked with her so hard, and she is now ready to find that very special family of her very own!

Leah is still “jumpy,” startles easily, and probably always will be. If you drop something, she will jump. If there is a sudden loud noise she will also jump. Leah has been wearing a thundershirt, which in her case, has helped tremendously. She is far more relaxed and is learning that she will only be treated with kindness from here on out, will always have her meals each day, and is very treat motivated.

Leah has transformed from a girl in pretty rough physical condition, to a complete beauty. Her fur is now shiny and glossy looking, and she has gained the weight she needed. Leah needs to find a forever home where she is the only dog for you to dote on and also no children because Leah likes a quiet home.

Leah most likely spent her young life in an outdoor kennel, which our vet believes she constantly gnawed on. Due to that, her front teeth are completely ground down to the gum line and one canine tooth is broken off. She also has already had cherry eye surgery, but it did not take, and will need to be done again. Lastly, she has already been treated for her heartworm disease. Due to her heartworm treatment, she can’t undergo further surgery on her eye and teeth until after January. We will discuss this future surgery need further, with potential applicants.

Leah is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on all her vaccines, and has been heartworm treated. Her future medical needs will include dental surgery and another eye surgery for her cherry eye.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Turbo
Turbo is a very gentle and sweet boy between 1-2 years old. He is about 55 lbs and very happy. We have been told he is good with dogs and walks well on a leash.We don’t know about kitties. Turbo has had a rough life and deserves a good family who will invest in him and take him to puppy classes. He was due to be put down in the shelter he ended up in and NELR stepped up for him. He was probably an ourside dog who didn’t get much attention, He would thrive in a home where he has a routine and he will need a family who be patient and allow him to learn. He does need help learning to cue his owners when he needs to potty outside. Notone has ever cared about Turbo, unitl now….

So please fill out an application today and watch this boy blossom. He is stunning and has a beautiful chocolate coat.
He is up to date on all vaccinations and has been heart worm treated and micro chipped.

If you are interested in adopting this handsome guy please fill out an application today.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Tate
Meet Tate! Tate is giant love who has quickly become the shelter favorite! Tate is 1 years old and weighs around 90 lbs. Tate has been working with the shelter on walking nicely on a leash and riding in a car so he is proving that is very trainable. Tate has absolutely no human aggression, has a nice disposition and is absolutely gorgeous! Since Tate is so physically strong we recommend that he goes to a forever home of an experienced adopter. Tate would highly benefit from obedience training and needs a family that is willing to make the commitment to Tate to help him become the amazing dog we know he can be. Tate is a strong alpha male when it comes to other male dogs and is not too fond of cats. Tate’s forever home will need to be a home that has no cats or other male dogs. Tate is currently being treated for Heartworm, is neutered, will have all age appropriate shots and is scheduled to arrive in New England mid to late February.

Update on Tate: Tate has come a very long way in a short period of time! In just a couple of weeks Tate has made a connection with Joe, who is at the shelter where Tate currently is, which is a really good thing. Tate encountered Joe’s big male bulldog through a chain linked fence and was interested in him but not aggressive. Tate still is a strong Alpha male and can’t be placed in a home with male dogs and/or cats. He also needs a physically strong adopter who is experienced training large dogs since he is up to 95 lbs now. With that being said Tate will not be able to find his forever home with a home with small children either. Tate was a very good car rider for our adoption coordinator Barbara and walked much better for her on the leash. He has a sweet disposition and is such a handsome guy! Tate should be ready to arrive in New England in the middle of February.

If Tate sounds like the right fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application and make him part of your home:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Charmer
Charmer is a great dog – very entergetic – very good with other dogs – needs a stern alpha owner.
Charmer needs kid friends who are over 10.

He is coming around nicely but since he has lived his whole life in the shelter.
It will take him time to learn how to be a house dog.
A fenced yard would be great!

He is not a huge dog – 52 lbs – but again, full of energy.
He is doing great on housetraining; and he is crate trained.

He has been going to doggy day care to help tire him out.

If you would like to add this handsome guy to your home please fill out an application today.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Faith
Faith is a sweet black lab who is approximately 1-2 years old.
She is heart worm treated; up to date on her shots; and is microchipped.
We are learning about Faith and we will post more of her bio very soon!

Please fill out application:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Karley
My name is Karley and I’m 2.5 years old. I’m super sweet girl. I’m a very special smart girl and I’m willing to learn.
I am on the calmer side, and I love other dogs!

Karely weighs approximately 48lbs.

No Cats!
She is heart worm treated; up to date on her shots; and is microchipped.

Please fill out application:
Adoption Application

Availble ~ Jewell
This beautiful dog is one gem of a dog and that is where she gets her name Jewell.
She loves to play ball in the yard, go on long walks and she loves to chew on nylabones.
She is a quick learner and has already learned sit, and if you say crate, she will go right in.
She is pretty good on the leash, but like all labs, could use some training!

She loves to cuddle up on the couch next to you at night, and put her head right on your lap.

Jewell is definitely a people person and is a very smart dog.
A family will be lucky to have her as an addition to their family.
Jewell would be best as the only pet in the house, as she would prefer to be the queen of the castle.

Please fill out application:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Canyon
My Name is Canyon I’m approximately 8-10 months of age.
I’m super sweet lab. I love playing with children and adults.

Canyon is a very smart but a shy boy. He’s willing to learn. Looking for active family to call his own.
His brother is Jackson.

His vet said he’s heart worm negative and weighs 51 pounds.
He’s up to date on all his shots and fixed. He will will be micro chipped.

He will be up North hopefully the first week of April.

Please if you are interested in becoming his new Mom or Dad, will you please fill out the application out below.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Jackson
Hi My Name is Jackson, my brother is Canyon. I’m a lab 8-10 months of age. My Vet checked me out today and I’m good to go.
My heart-worm was negative and I’m up to date on my shots,fixed and will be micro-chipped.
I like little people and big people to play with. I’m still a puppy and willing to learn the rules and become a part of your family

Wont you ADOPT ME??
JACKSON is on his way up north hopefully the first week of April, with his brother Canyon.
If you are interested in either one of them, please fill out the application below:
Adoption Application

Available ~ Jenkins
Introducing Jenkins, 6 months old puppy.
HW- going to be vetted tomorrow and will get a weight on him. He will be available in a few weeks. More information to come! If you think that Jenkin would make a wonderful companion in your home please fill out an application below.

Adoption Application

Available ~ George
George is a dog rescued from Tennessee in 2008. He was born approx. in April
of 2007. He is 121 pounds, LOVES people-especially kids.
He is a mix of Yellow Lab and Great Pyrenees.

He cannot be housed with people who have cats.
George does better with other dogs-especially Labs.

He loves attention and sleeping in both the sun and snow. George is crate
trained, house broken and leash trained as well.

Up to date on all his shots.
Treated for Lyme 4 years ago and has had no issues since being treated.
He has had rods inserted in his back legs in 2008.
He is on monthly Heartguard and Frontline.

Loves to ride in the car, and in typical Great Pyrenees style, will always announce his presence when he
meets other dogs.
He will also lean against anyone who shows him love and attention.
Was once part of a pack of 5 dogs.

He has been on a strict diet of Blue Buffalo Dog Food his entire life.

Many children call him a “Baby Polar Bear” when they first see him.
He is not a jumper! He loves to go up to children and lick them in the face.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Kane
Kane : Is a pretty COOL lab mix. He is 1 1/2 years old.
House Broken, gets along with other dogs and weighs 53 pounds.
HW treated and up to date on all shots and will be fixed and micro-chipped.

He loves to be with people and play fetch for hours!
Kane is Crate Trained!

Kane is looking for a forever home and will be headed up north in April!

If you are interested in Becoming Danes Mom or Dad please fill out the Application Below:
Adoption Application

Available ~ L’Ears
My Name is L’Ears I am one years old and 63 pounds and I’m a beautiful girl looking for a forever home!
Believe to be chow/lab mix. L’Ears does have a bit of a bearish look, but in truth she is 100% fun-loving canine.
Super snuggly and willing to spend part of her time draping her ample frame over your lap and giving kisses.

L’Ears is quick to admit her favorite time of the day is recess. Bouncy and animated, she loves to run and engage in rambunctious play.
Big girls just wanna have fun and L’Ears is no exception.
She is in the market for an outgoing dance partner to share all of life’s adventures.

Because of her strength and exuberance, she would probably do better in a home without small children.

Heart worm treated, UTD on all shots, fixed micro chipped. and looking for her forever home

If you are interested and making her your forever home please fill out application below hopefully she will be up in Maine real soon!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Midas
Midas was adopted through NELR 4 years ago and his owner is unable to keep him now because of his work and living situations.
We never abandon our labs or our adopters, so we are offering Midas to a loving home now.

He would do well with an active family. He loves to hike, be with you all the time, and has even gone to work !!!
He is a very high energy boy who loves to run and jump and play.
He is up to date on all shots, is on monthly Heart Guard and Frontline.
He is a high Lab mix of Yellow Lab and Rhodesian Ridge-back.
He loves to sleep on a chair or couch, and LOVES to sleep with his people at night.
He will wait for you to finish your shower, but wont join you. LOL

He is house broken and does do well on a leash, but meeting anyone new does
excite him a lot, and he needs a little more work on not jumping when someone new comes along-
but he has NO ‘aggression issues any kind!

He would do well with Puppy classes and then he could please you even more than ever !!! LOL
He cannot be housed with anyone with cats, and he does well with any other dog.

He weighs approx. 95 pounds, loves to ride in the car, give kisses, eat cookies , have his tummy rubbed and petted.
He is a love who wants to please and loves to run and jump and play.
Please Give Midas a chance in your loving home where he will thrive and give you so many years of affection and unconditional love. He is a special boy who is just so loving and snuggly.

Fill out an application today !!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Missy
Missy is a wonderful young puppy, 8 – 9 months old. She is super sweet being raised in a family of four children and loving it.
She is good with other dogs, people (adults and children).

She is a little underweight (10 lbs or so). She shows no aggression – shares food with other dogs.
She is still a puppy (8-9 months old) and does get excited but does not seem high energy. I would say medium energy.
She does need some leash work. She is a beautiful sleek black girl.

Missy is so looking for a new family to all her own and for you to train her!
Missy will be up to date on all her shots, fixed and microchip before headed up north hopefully the beginning of April.

If you think Missy would make a wonderful fit with your family please fill out the application below.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Tuukka
Tuukka is an adorable 5 month old male black lab mix who was pulled out of a high kill shelter in NC. He is a very sweet boy who was very confused and scared in the shelter but he has found freedom and is in a wonderful foster home with Kristen and Tim in South Carolina. He is very lovable but was found as a stray so we do not have a lot of information on him. He is 31 lbs – 4dx negative and UTD on all shots. He will be neutered next week and he has been started on HW and flea and tick preventative. Potty training is in progress and he is being crate trained.
More pictures and info will follow as it is provided by his fosters.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Walter
Run don’t walk, to meet 3 year old, Walter is a laid back gentlemen that loves people, is very mellow and is GOOD with CATS and is housebroken.
Walter will be headed north in a few weeks, he is being neuteured in a few days and up to date with all his shots.
He is approximately 60 pounds, HW treated.

If you believe that Walter would make an awesome fit with your household then please fill out the application below.
And we will be getting back to you ! thanks for looking and please share with your friends!

Adoption Application

Available ~ Ace
Introducing Ace he is a good boy, more information to follow!
He’s approximately 1-2 years old & 65 pounds.
Already neutered. Loves other dogs and going for long walks!

If you are interested in adopting ACE please fill out the application below and we will get back to you! thanks for looking.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Perkins
HI My name is Perkins I’m a good boy I’m almost 3 years old and love to walk on a leash.
Mr. Perkins is up to date on all shots – Lyme and heat worm negative. He’s a very mellow and laid back.
Perkins will be headed up north in 2 weeks. More information to come.
Please fill out application below if you are interested

Adoption Application


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