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Available ~ Annie
Sweet Annie is estimated to be about 10 months old, and she is a smaller lab mix currently weighing 30 lbs now (she has gained 3 lbs in two weeks and continues to need to gain a bit more.) Annie is heartworm negative, spayed, microchipped and is up-to date on all her vaccines.

Annie was very scared at the shelter, and was surrendered together with quite a few other dogs. We suspect that she has had a very rough start in her short life, as she is very a timid girl who does not like sudden movements, and will run in the opposite direction if afraid. Annie will require a family committed to continuing to work with her on her socialization, training, and learning to trust again. Due to her shyness, we will be requiring a family with either no children or older respectful children over 10 or so. Annie doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body and does not growl at young children or anything like that, but the little ones are just too much for her right now.

Annie is a smart little girl who is starting to pick up her commands. She is almost completely house trained, and her foster family has done a great job with this! Annie is also crate trained, and finds comfort hanging out in there if she becomes too overwhelmed. Annie has also gotten MUCH better with her leash skills, she absolutely thrives on attention and is very treat motivated, however she will eagerly take her treats, and then go hide them for later.

Annie is completely dog friendly, and pays no attention to the kitties in her foster home. She would also do best in a home with another friendly confident established dog friend. Her foster describes her as a fantastic little girl who wants to be part of everything that is going on. She is still on the shy side, but she is beginning to blossom in the care of her wonderful foster family, She is just a sweetheart who thrives on every ounce of love shown her. It has also been determined after some thunderstorms early on in her foster home, that she displayed no signs of being afraid when they were going on.

Annie is already in New England.

8/10/14 Foster Update:

This beautiful young lab mix has gone from being a bundle of nerves to a “complete sweetheart… the nicest gentlest dog I think I ever met.”
Annie was rescued from a hoarding situation where she lived outside. She didn’t even know how to get up or down off of a couch when invited to share some cuddle time with her fosters.
She has gone from having no house/potty training, to now going to the door and “whining” to be let out. She is quiet as a mouse in her crate although she no longer uses it at night…as she has earned a spot in the “big people” bed. I am told she is a bit of a blanket hog but she is sleeping through the night.

She goes on lots of neighborhood walks, and she has been hiking in the mountains of New Hampshire and led the pack, checking on the ones behind her and moving off to the side and sitting when she met up with other hikers and dogs on the trail.
She loves her chew toys and is learning to “drop it” when she walks off with the occasional sandal or library book. Annie is always up for a game of fetch but still has not learned the art of returning the ball once she has retrieved it.

Thanks to dedicated foster families, Annie is learning love, trust and the fun side of life! She is still very much a puppy at under a year of age.

Adoption Application:

Available ~ Dixie
Dixie was surrendered to a NC shelter with her brother (who was also rescued by a different rescue.) The siblings were surrendered by the vet of a very elderly couple, who could no longer handle two large dogs.

Initially in the shelter, it was shared that Dixie might have some food guarding issues, but once at her foster home, her foster describes her as the complete
Dixie is a 6 year old Lab/Hound mix. She weighs 85 lbs and is 23″ to the shoulder. Dixie is already spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on all her vaccines.

Dixie did live outside at least for the last months of her life, and she does need some brushing up on her house/potty training.

Dixie is a sweet girl who is dog friendly, but she is not a fan of the kitties, so she will need a NO CATS home. We also recommend either no children or older children. She has shown no signs of food/resource guarding whatsoever.

Dixie does seem to prefer women over men at this time, and follows her foster Mom everywhere. We believe that Dixie will do just fine with both men and women, she just needs a bit more time to warm up to the men.

Dixie does need work on her leash skills. She is not a puller at all, but she does tend to crisscross in front of you. She does not appear to have been walked regularly, so once she gets used to being on a leash, we suspect she will be easily trained and enjoy her walks.

Dixie is a low to medium energy girl and a great snuggler…her foster Mom describes her as an absolute love!

Dixie is already in New England!

Available ~ Brent
Please meet the very stunning Brent (nicknamed “Stallion” by the shelter!) Brent is a male lab mix, estimated to be between 2-3 years old. He is heartworm negative, and will be neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all of his vaccines prior to adoption.

Brent is a handsome jet black boy with a shiny fur coat. He is playful, very friendly, and walks nicely on his leash. Brent is dog friendly, but a wee bit too interested in chasing the kitties, so he will be looking for a home with NO CATS.

Brent is a big, strong boy, who will need regular exercise to be at his best. He is on the active side, so a busy person or family who will include him in the fun, would be perfect for this guy! In addition, Brent would probably excel with some training classes, which would be a great bonding experience for his new person/family.

Brent will be packing his bags and heading to New England in a few weeks!

Available ~ Winston
Winston is a very handsome black lab mix male, who is estimated to be about a year old. He was surrendered to a shelter in SC with his sister, who was adopted directly from the shelter. He was quite lonely and scared without her, and would do best in a home with another friendly social dog. Winston is very dog friendly and gets along well with his foster’s male dog.

Winston is very smart and learns quickly. He settled in nicely at his foster home, loves the kiddie pool and being out in the fresh air; and he appears to be house/potty trained. Winston will need further work with his leash skills and commands.

Winston is heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on his vaccines.

Winston is young and energetic, and still a bit timid due to all the changes in his life, so we recommend children over 12+ or so. In addition, he is a bit too interested in the kitties, so he needs a NO CAT home.

Winston will be arriving in New England at the end of August.

Available ~ Twinkle
Twinkle is a beautiful black lab mix with sparkling brown eyes. She is estimated to be about 3 years old, and she is a smaller, more petite girl, weighing only 36 lbs currently.

The shelter volunteers absolutely raved at what a doll Twinkle is, and what a wonderful companion she will make for a lucky family. Twinkle is very dog friendly and got along well with the other dogs in the shelter’s outdoor play area. Twinkle does know basic commands and walks well on a leash. She also gets along with her foster’s cats.

Sadly, Twinkle did test positive for heartworm disease, but she has already undergone her heartworm treatment, and will be heading to New England in mid September.

Twinkle is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccines, and microchipped.

For those looking for a smaller, more compact, friendly lab mix, beautiful Twinkle is your girl!

Available ~ Greer
Beautiful Greer, with the soulful eyes, is a Black Lab/Hound/Great Dane mix. She is estimated by the vet to be between 2-3 years old and she currently weighs 60 lbs. Greer is a tall girl and her weight when rescued is way too thin for her frame (she will probably be more in the 80 lb+ range when at a healthy weight.)

Greer was most likely dumped in a rural section of SC, and wandered up to a home in the area. Despite being full of milk, and a few searches of the area, Greer’s puppies were not with her, and she made no attempt to lead anyone to puppies. We suspect the puppies were probably kept to be sold, and Greer was dumped. This beautiful girl deserved way better then that, and NELR stepped in to help her (with a wonderful network of special people who played a huge role in the start of her journey with us.)

Greer is house-trained and crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night. She is a very very sweet, gentle girl, who does very well with her foster’s young 5 year old son. Greer is also completely dog friendly, but cat friendliness has not been tested. Greer is low to medium energy at the present time, and loves to snooze on the sofa both with humans and the other dogs in her foster home.

Sadly, Greer is heartworm positive and will be treated for that before she is able to come up to New England. Greer will be spayed, up-to-date on all her vaccines and microchipped. At the present time, Greer does have some hair loss in spots, but she has tested negative for mange and ringworm. The vet has her on two different antibiotics, and now with being fed properly, we expect her fur loss to resolve fairly quickly.

We expect Greer to arrive in New England in October.

Available ~ Oscar
Oscar is a gorgeous black lab mix with a beautiful shiny coat, stunning brown eyes, and the cutest flyaway ears. He is estimated to be about 7-8 months old, heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped and up-to date on all his vaccines.

Oscar’s foster family describes him as a very happy boy, who is super friendly, and is doing very well in his foster home. Oscar is still a puppy, so he will need further training on his manners, but he is a smart boy who learns very quickly.

Available ~ Owen
Looking for fun puppy escapades and lots of laughs, please meet Owen! Owen is estimated to be 4-5 months old and he has beautiful coloring to his fur, mostly a whitish tone, with golden highlights on his back area.

Mr. Owen is a typical, happy, playful puppy; so playful that he decided to play in the mud before his photo shoot! The marks on his front paws are not darker colored fur spots, they are mud!

Owen does have one very small bald spot above his eye that tested positive for Demodex mange (non contagious.) He is already being treated for that, and it should be well on its’ way to resolving by the time he arrives.

Owen will be up-to-date on his age appropriate vaccines, neutered, and microchipped, before he makes his way to New England in early September.

Available ~ Gizelle
Gizelle is a beautiful chocolate girl, who gave birth to three puppies about 14-15 weeks ago (she is Mom to Liza, Lorna & Vincent, also in the rescue.) Gizelle is estimated to be 3 years old and she is heartworm negative.

Gizelle is described as a very friendly, very nice girl. She gets along well with other dogs, but cat friendliness is unknown at this time.

Gizelle is currently staying in a sanctuary type environment, so we won’t know her house manners until she arrives up in New England. Her past is of course unknown, but her chocolate fur is not sun-bleached, as it would be if she had been left or chained out in the sun. She was most likely either an inside dog at some point or she was in a covered kennel, before she ended up in a high kill shelter.

Gizelle will be spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all her vaccines before she travels to New England in mid September.

Available ~ Liza
This little cutie, with the long velvet ears is Liza. Liza is estimated to be about 14-15 weeks old. She is the daughter of Gizelle (our chocolate lab) and sister to Vincent & Lorna.

Liza is mostly black, with a thinner white chest plate then her sister, and only her rear toes are white tipped. Liza is a happy, active, typical puppy, who will make a wonderful companion for a lucky family!

Liza did have a small knot on her head when at the shelter (it is visible in the last shelter photo.) This was checked by the vet and has since completely disappeared (she was possibly bitten or stung by a bug there.)

Liza will be spayed, up-to-date on all her age-appropriate vaccines, and microchipped, before heading to New England in mid September.

Available ~ Vincent
This little guy is all ears! Vincent is a male lab/hound/? mix who is estimated to be about 14-15 weeks old. Vincent is the son of Gizelle and the brother of Liza and Lorna.

Vincent is mostly black, with a beautiful white chest & belly, and those adorable white tipped toes.

Vincent is a typical active, playful puppy. The lucky family who gets to adopt Vincent, will also get to experience the joy in a young pup’s eyes, with each experience being all new to them. Please remember that Vincent is a young puppy, who will need to be trained to be the wonderful companion and family member he will be for the perfect family!

Vincent will be neutered, up-to-date with his vaccines and microchipped, before he heads to New England in mid September.

Available ~ Lorna
Beautiful Lorna is the third of Gizelle’s puppies. She is estimated to be about 14-15 weeks old, and she is the sister of Vincent & Liza.

Lorna is mostly black, with a wider white chest plate then her sister, and all of her toes are tipped in white. Lorna is a happy, active, typical puppy, who will make a wonderful companion for a lucky family!

Lorna will be spayed, up-to-date on all her age-appropriate vaccines, and microchipped, before heading to New England in mid September.

Available ~ Barney
Wanted: swimming partner! This absolutely gorgeous boy is Barney, and to mention that he LOVES to swim is a vast understatement, this boy is up for anything that includes water and swimming! Barney also loves to hunt for treats and LOVES squeaky toys!

Barney is also a very fortunate boy, in that he made it out alive from the shelter, to get another chance to spend his days swimming…he was set to be euthanized the very day NELR pulled him from the shelter. Barney was someone’s pet. he was found with a collar on (no tags) and he knows basic commands of sit-stay-lay down-fetch…but no one ever came to reclaim him.

Barney is still young, estimated to be just a year old, and definitely still a puppy at heart. Given his young age, he is medium to high energy, and will need someone who can provide him with a lot of exercise. He would do best with a fenced in yard, where he can run and play to his heart’s content! Barney is a complete sweetheart, but he is also a bigger active boy, so we recommend children over aged 8 for his eventual new family. We are going to try to cat test Barney, but for now cat friendliness is unknown. Barney is completely dog friendly and loves hanging out and playing with his canine buddies.

Barney is crate trained and likes to ride in the car. He is fairly good on his leash, but does still get excited, so will need some work to polish up his leash walking skills.

Barney is a bigger lab, but he is very underweight right now. He currently weighs 71 lbs, but should weigh in the 80 lb+ range.

Barney is heartworm negative, neutered, and up-to-date on all his vaccines. He will be headed to New England in early September.

Available ~ JD
Chocolate makes everything better :-) This handsome chocolate boy is JD, and although he won’t add calories to your waistline, he sure will fill your heart with love!

JD is a big boy at almost 80 lbs. He is 2 years old and a pretty polite young fellow. JD enjoys being with people, loves to ride in the car, loves to hang out on the couch, is house/potty trained, crate trained, and walks great on a leash (although he does require a harness.)

Outside in the yard, JD will show his playful side, and because of his size, we recommend children over 8 years of age, as he might knock the younger ones over when running around.

JD is very good with other dogs, and we have been told he is good with cats as well…but please note that we have not been able to cat test him ourselves personally.

JD is a complete sweetheart who will make a wonderful family member and a great companion!

Adoption Pending ~ River
River was found wandering by a river (which is how he ended up with his name,) and was picked up by the ACO. Unfortunately his owners never came looking for him.
River is very dog friendly with both sexes, but has very much bonded with his foster’s female dog. He is described as a complete sweetheart, and is very mellow. He already walks extremely well on a leash with no pulling, and will stop & start up walking every time you do.

River does not seem to be treat motivated and hasn’t shown any interest in toys or bones yet, but that may change once he is more comfortable. His foster Mom described him as “adoptable gold” once he is through his HW treatment and on the road to good health.

River is estimated to be between 2-3 years old, he is completely house trained, is cat friendly (doesn’t pay them any attention at all,) and is good with everyone…loves people and will follow his human everywhere, both inside and outside the home.
River will be HW treated, neutered, and is already up-to-date on his vaccines. He will be micro chipped.

Adoption Pending ~ Daisy
Beautiful Miss Daisy is an absolute sweetheart who will make you fall in love with her instantly! She is just a dream girl who is wonderful in every way.

Daisy is estimated to be about 2 years old and weighs 51 lbs. She is Heartworm Positive, and will be treated before arriving in New England in late July. Daisy will also be spayed and up-to-date on all her vaccines.

Daisy is the Mom of puppies Angel & Joey. She is fantastic with all other dogs and we suspect she will do fine with cats as well (but not formally cat tested as of yet.) Daisy has no issues at all with eating or drinking near her foster family’s dogs, she happily shares toys & treats, and she is super loving and friendly. Lastly, she is great around children of all ages!

Daisy is also completely house-trained, has perfect house manners, doesn’t jump up on people, and walked into her foster home like she had been there forever! She was immediately so wonderful in the house, that her foster did not need to crate her overnight (although she will be crated if no one is home.) Daisy is very laid back but also playful as well. She is also completely comfortable when leashed and walks right with you with no pulling!

Daisy’s foster family just completely raves about what a sweetheart she is and they instantly fell in love with her!

Daisy will not be arriving in New England until after her Heartworm Treatment, so probably around late July.
She will be micro chipped.

Adoption Pending ~ Kendall
Beautiful Kendall was found wandering as a stray with her sister Kylie (we believe they may have been littermates, because they are nearly identical, but not known 100%.) The girls original owner was located, but he/she never arrived to reclaim them from the shelter, after stating that they would.

Kendall is estimated to be between 1-2 years old and currently weighs 56 lbs. Sadly Kendall is heartworm positive and will need to undergo lengthy heartworm treatment before she can come up to New England. Interested applicants can apply to be considered for adoption, but Kendall’s applications will be held onto until about August for processing. We anticipate her being able to come up to New England in September.

Kendall has beautiful, very light yellow, almost white fur, which is incredibly soft. She needs a little more training on the leash, but she has perfected the art of giving doggie affection and making people smile. Kendall is sweet, silly and on the submissive side. She will eagerly drop to the ground and roll on her back in the hopes of some belly rubs coming her way. Kendall seems to be cat friendly, completely ignoring all the cats the shelter tested her with.

We do know that Kendall is the name she knows from her previous family, and not one we gave her after rescue.
She will be micro chipped.

Adoption Pending ~ Jerricho
Who doesn’t love a chocolate boy, especially with some distinguished grey to add to his handsomeness! Jerricho is a male chocolate lab, estimated to be between 7-8 years old. He is heartworm negative and will be neutered and up-to-date on all his vaccines prior to adoption.

Jerricho is a sweet as can be, super gentle, and very laid back fellow. He is a dream boy who does very well with dogs of all ages, all sizes, all energy levels, and both sexes. Jerricho always has a smile on his face and a tail that is always in motion, wagging a friendly greeting to all. He is very well mannered, likes to give kisses, and will be your best friend forever.

Jerricho does very well with children, but NO CATS please for this handsome fella!

Jerricho as a senior, will have a reduced adoption fee of $300
He will be micro chipped,

Adoption Pending ~ Tiki
Please meet the fabulous Tiki! This beautiful girl is 6 years old and just awesome. She is a yellow & white lab mix, who has already been treated for her heartworm (she is just in her recovery period now,) and will be heading North in mid to late August.

Tiki is an incredibly friendly, devoted girl, who aims to please. She is completely house-trained and goes to the door to alert you when she needs to go out. She has lived with a cat and is completely cat friendly. Additionally she gets along well with other dogs and absolutely adores children…Tiki adores everyone! Tiki walks very nicely on a leash, knows her basic commands including “sit,” and she doesn’t leave your side when outdoors.

Tiki is a very calm, laid back girl who is just a complete love. She would do well in almost any family situation, for those looking for a lower energy labby friend. Tiki seems to only have two fears…thunderstorms and fireworks…she is not a fan of those at all, and does become nervous when they are taking place.

Tiki is spayed, up-to-date on all her vaccines and will be microchipped.

Adoption Pending ~ Maddy
Awesome, sweet, sweetheart, lovebug…just some of the words Maddy’s foster uses to describe her! Maddy is estimated to be between 7 – 8 months old. She is a black lab mix, who is mostly black, with a small white patch on her chest and white tipped toes.

Maddy is very good with both dogs and cats, and enjoys playing with both. She loves to go for walks, and walks very well on her leash. Like all puppies her age, Maddy is playful & energetic, but when it is time to sleep, she is a total cuddler! Maddy is friendly, adorable, and has done well so far with potty training at her foster home.

Maddy will be spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all her vaccines before heading to New England in a few weeks!

Adoption Pending ~ Marleyanne
Marleyanne is a beautiful black lab female, estimated by the vet to be about 8 months old. This stunning girl currently weighs 64 lbs, and she is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all her vaccines.

Marleyanne was a little nervous and shy in the shelter (who wouldn’t be,) but everyone who has met her since she left that environment, describes her as a very sweet girl with a gentle disposition.

Unfortunately we did not have a foster available down South, so we have to board Marleyanne in a boarding facility, until she heads up to New England in a few weeks. This boarding place is wonderful and does provide us with updates, but we will not have a better assessment of how Marleyanne does in a home until she arrives in New England. Additionally we will not have more photos to add to her album until she comes up.

Adoption Pending ~ Sandler
Looking for a loving little guy, who is sweet as can be, Sandler is your boy! Sandler is estimated to be about 8-9 months old, and he weighs approximately 35 lbs (he is still way too thin for his frame and his foster is working on this now.) This gorgeous fella gets along with all dogs, and in fact when he was in the shelter, he was kenneled with a very very timid girl dog who was scared as could be…Sandler took care of her the whole time, giving her soothing kisses and cuddling with her in their kennel. (And she found rescue as well.)

Sandler is a very laid back boy even at his young age. He loves to give kisses, and enjoys the water. Sandler loves all people, but seemed to really enjoy hanging out with the guys, when his foster had friends over the other day.

This gorgeous boy is going to be a wonderful companion for a very lucky person or family! Sandler will be up-to-date on all his vaccines, microchipped and neutered before he heads to New England.

Super dog friendly, but cat friendliness is unknown at this time.

Adoption Pending ~ Rudy
This adorable little fella is Rudy! Rudy was surrendered to a shelter in SC with his four siblings. He is estimated to be about 10-11 weeks old and he weighs 10 lbs as of 8/2.

Rudy is a typical happy, playful puppy who is doing really well in his foster home. He will be up-to-date on all of his age appropriate vaccines, and will make his way to New England, and be available to go to his new home in early Sept.

Rudy is a fighter, and he survived a very dangerous diagnosis of Parvo. He was hospitalized for over a week in ICU, and fought every step of the way. He is now back in his foster home and doing very well. He now needs to regain the weight he lost while battling this horrible disease. This is one very special boy pup!

Adoption Pending ~ Emmie
Emmie is a stunningly beautiful black lab mix puppy, who is estimated to be about 5 months old. This adorable puppy was very fortunate to leave the shelter when she did, as her sister tragically did not make it out alive, despite having a rescue commitment from NELR as well. Emmie’s sister was PTS because she had a runny nose, and without even consulting her rescue before it was done. Emmie is now safely at the vet’s office where she is being treated for a mild case of kennel cough, and is already doing much better after just a few days of antibiotics so far (and we are sure her sister had the same thing, easily treatable, and she lost her life because of it.)

Emmie is already making many friends at the vet/boarding facility that she is at, until she can go to her TN foster home. They report that she is a complete sweetheart, very playful and engaging, and she loves attention.

Emmie will be up-to-date on all her age appropriate vaccines, spayed, and microchipped, before heading to New England in late August or early September.


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